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[hinweis] Bluebottle Freemail Wird Eingestellt

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geschrieben 16. Juni 2008 - 22:05

Bluebottle beendet seinen Freemail-Service zum 20. Juni:


This email is to inform you that Bluebottle Solutions Pty Ltd has re-acquired
the Bluebottle email service from Trusted Delivery Pty Ltd.

We have conducted a detailed review of the business, including all of the
available options, and have concluded that in order to for us to be able to
continue providing the Bluebottle service to our Access and Premium customers
we will need to discontinue our Freemail service on June 20, 2008. Our
decision was not an easy one but was necessary to reduce the significant
resources required to manage the free service. This change will enable us to
provide a superior email service to our paid customers.

If you would like to keep your Bluebottle email address, you can simply
upgrade to either an Access (US$9.95/year) or Premium (US24.95/year) account
through your webmail environment anytime before June 20, 2008. If you choose
not to upgrade you will need to download your wanted email from your account
before the Freemail service closes on June 20, 2008. Customers with an
existing Access or Premium account do not need to make any changes.

We would like to thank you for your loyal support of Bluebottle and we do
apologise for any inconvenience the closure of the Freemail service may cause

Kind regards,

Robert Pickup
Bluebottle Solutions Pty Ltd

Ist schade, hab es gern genutzt, da es sehr zuverlässig war.


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