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Keepass Password Safe Passwort-Manager

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  geschrieben 02. Januar 2006 - 19:12

KeePass Password Safe v1.04 - Passwort-Manager

KeePass Password Safe speichert verschlüsselt beliebige Passwörter und Zugangsdaten. Diese Darstellung erfolgt in Rubriken innerhalb einer Exploreransicht. Zu jedem Eintrag lassen sich auch URLs, Anmerkungen oder Anhänge mit abspeichern. Die Passwort-Datenbank selbst wird mit einem Masterpasswort und/oder Key-Disk (z.B. USB-Stick) geschützt. Zusätzlich wird die Datenbank mit AES und Twofish verschlüsselt. Für den Im- und Export von Passwortlisten stehen zahlreiche Möglichkeiten bereit. Zusätzlich lässt sich das Programm über kostenlose Plugins erweitern und nachrüsten. Für Homebanking lassen sich auch TAN-Listen mit dem Programm verwalten. (Textquelle WinTotal)

Eingefügtes Bild

- Added dialog that lets you select an entry if multiple entries match the current window when pressing the global auto-type hotkey (previously KeePass always just used the first entry that matched, now you can select the right entry)
- An entry now can have multiple Auto-Type-Window strings
- User input is now blocked while KeePass is auto-typing
- URLs in note fields are clickable now (including entry preview window)
- KeePass now supports all protocols in URLs that delimit the protocol prefix and the address using '://'
- Default auto-type sequence for TAN entries now is {PASSWORD}
- Added option to show TANs in a more simple list view
- Added option to show TAN indices in entry titles
- TANs are marked as used/expired when auto-typing them
- Fixed a bug that prevented several auto-type codes from working
- New auto-type code: {CLEARFIELD} clears the contents of the edit control that currently has the focus
- On Windows 2000 simple asterisks are displayed now instead of black dots as on Windows XP
- Added option to exit the program instead of locking the workspace after the specified time
- Added option to open a database in read-only mode
- Added error code for 'key-file not accessible'
- Context menus in the main window now popup lightning fast
- Added filename filters for single group exports
- CHM documentation file now supports full-text search
- Added version compatibility page to the CHM documentation
- Replaced duplicate 'user' icon by a 'wireless' icon
- For plugin developers: parameters of _OpenDatabase and _ChangeMasterKey are now passed to the plugin (pointer array)
- Tray icon is recreated after Windows Explorer crashes
- Renamed '?' menu to 'Help'
- Renamed 'Extras' menu to 'Tools'
- Removed 'Print Group' command from 'Edit' in the main menu (use the context menu of a group to print it)
- Changed menu accelerator key to close the database to Ctrl-W
- Removed 'Open License' and 'Print License' from 'Help' menu
- Moved program options from 'Edit' menu into 'Tools' menu
- Improved main menu (fixed dots, item positions, ...)
- Added option to override entry URLs (URL-Override:)
- Code fixes (KeePass should compile cleanly now with VC 2005)
- Improved Unicode support (thanks to Norbert Schulze)
- Changed font from MS Sans Serif to MS Shell Dlg
- Translation files must now be UTF-8 encoded
- Some dialog/lock timing improvements
- Minor other improvements

Lizenztyp: Freeware (Open Source)
Direkt-Download Installer-Version (894KB): KeePass-1.04-Setup.exe
Direkt-Download ZIP-Version (605KB):
Direkt-Download deutsche Sprachdatei (12KB):

Es gibt inzwischen auch eine WinFuture-News zu diesem Thema:,23566.html

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geschrieben 02. Januar 2006 - 19:31

samma, sind dir unsere texte nich gut genug?

progdvb und earthview nich vergessen, wenn du schon dabei bist...

#3 Mitglied ist offline   swissboy 

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geschrieben 02. Januar 2006 - 19:35

Beitrag anzeigenZitat (nim: 02.01.2006, 19:31)

samma, sind dir unsere texte nich gut genug?

Ich fand den WinFuture-Text zur Version 1.03 ehrlich gesagt ein bisschen "mager". :P

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geschrieben 02. Januar 2006 - 19:41

hmkeh, ma sehn, vielleicht ändert sich ja demnächst was..

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  geschrieben 12. Januar 2008 - 19:22

KeePass Password Safe v1.10 - Passwort-Manager

Einen sehr umfangreichen Changelog gibt es hier.

Lizenztyp: Freeware (Open Source)
Download Installer-Version (1.27MB): KeePass-1.10-Setup.exe
Download ZIP-Version (970KB):
Download deutsche Sprachdatei (13.8KB):

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  geschrieben 12. April 2008 - 19:19

KeePass Password Safe v1.11 - Passwort-Manager

Einen sehr umfangreichen Changelog gibt es hier.

Lizenztyp: Freeware (Open Source)
Download Installer-Version (1.30MB): KeePass-1.11-Setup.exe
Download ZIP-Version (997KB):
Download deutsche Sprachdatei (14.7KB):

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  geschrieben 07. September 2008 - 17:50

KeePass Password Safe v1.13 - Passwort-Manager

Einen umfangreichen Changelog gibt es hier.

Lizenztyp: Freeware (Open Source)
Download Installer-Version (1.33MB): KeePass-1.13-Setup.exe
Download ZIP-Version (1.00MB):
Download deutsche Sprachdatei (15.4KB):

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geschrieben 19. Oktober 2008 - 11:37

KeePass Password Safe - Version 1.14

Changes from 1.13 to 1.14:

New Features:

1. KeePass is now also available as MSI package.
2. Entry field references are now dereferenced in drag&drop operations.
3. Added support for writing databases to hidden files.
4. Added '-lock' command line option.


1. Improved compatibility of browser placeholders with cmd:// URLs.
2. Improved compatibility of the database auto-saving option (at exit and locking) with other options.
3. Consecutive auto-type delays now add up.
4. Improved encoding detection in file import routines.
5. Several 64-bit code improvements.
6. Various code optimizations.
7. Minor other improvements.


1. Fixed crash that happened when clicking 'No' in the plugin incompatibility message box while passing a plugin command line argument.
2. Special XML characters in group names are now encoded correctly in XML exports (group tree attribute).


#9 Mitglied ist offline   swissboy 

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geschrieben 19. Oktober 2008 - 11:42

@Tiggz: ... zu spät, dazu gibt es bereits eine News auf der Frontseite:,43035.html

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geschrieben 05. Juli 2009 - 18:42

KeePass Password Safe 2.08

Changelog (2.07 Beta >> 2.08):

New Features:

* Key transformation library: KeePass can now use Windows' CNG/BCrypt API for key transformations (about 50% faster than the KeePass built-in key transformation code; by increasing the amount of rounds by 50%, you'll get the same waiting time as in 2.07, but the protection against dictionary and guessing attacks is raised by a factor of 1.5; only Windows Vista and higher).
* Added support for sending keystrokes (auto-type) to windows that are using different keyboard layouts.
* Added option to remember key file paths (enabled by default).
* Added internal editor for text files (text only and RTF formatted text; editor can edit entry attachments).
* Internal data viewer: added support for showing rich text (text with formatting).
* Added inheritable group settings for disabling auto-type and searching for all entries in this group (see tab 'Behavior'); for new recycle bins, both properties are set to disabled.
* The password character picking dialog now supports pre-defining the number of characters to pick; append :k in the placeholder to specify a length of k (for example, {PICKPASSWORDCHARS3:5} would be a placeholder with ID 3 and would pick 5 characters from the password); advantage: when having picked k characters, the dialog closes automatically, i.e. saves you to click [OK].
* IDs in {PICKPASSWORDCHARSn} do not need to be consecutive anymore.
* The password character picking dialog now first dereferences passwords (i.e. placeholders can be used here, too).
* Added '-minimize' command line option.
* Added '-iousername', '-iopassword' and '-iocredfromrecent' command line options.
* Added '--auto-type' command line option.
* Added support for importing FlexWallet 1.7 XML files.
* Added option to disable protecting the clipboard using the CF_CLIPBOARD_VIEWER_IGNORE clipboard format.
* Added support for WebDAV URLs (thanks to Ryan Press).
* Added shortcut keys in master key prompt dialog.
* Added entry templates functionality (first specify an entry templates group in the database settings dialog, then use the 'Add Entry' toolbar drop-down button).
* Added AceCustomConfig class (accessible through host interface), that allows plugins to store their configuration data in the KeePass configuration file.
* Added ability for plugins to store custom data in KDBX database files (PwDatabase.CustomData).
* Added interface for custom password generation algorithm plugins.
* URLs in the entry preview window are now always clickable (especially including cmd:// URLs).
* Added option to copy URLs to the clipboard instead of opening them (Options -> Interface, turned off by default).
* Added option to automatically resize entry list columns when resizing the main window (turned off by default).
* Added 'Sync' command in KPScript scripting tool.
* Added FIPS compliance problems self-test (see FAQ for details about FIPS compliance).
* Added Rijndael/AES block size validation and configuration.
* Added NotifyIcon workaround for Mono under Mac OS X.
* Added confirmation box for empty master passwords.
* Added radio buttons in auto-type sequence editing dialog to choose between the default entry sequence and a custom one.
* Added hint that group notes are shown in group tooltips.
* Added test for KeePass 1.x plugins and an appropriate error message.
* Added interface for writing master password requirements validation plugins.
* Key provider plugin API: enhanced key query method by a context information object.
* Key provider plugin API: added 'DirectKey' property to key provider base class that allows returning keys that are directly written to the user key data stream.
* Key provider plugin API: added support for exclusive plugins.
* The '-keyfile' command line option now supports selecting key providers (plugins).
* Auto-Type: added option to send an Alt keypress when only the Alt modifier is active (option enabled by default).
* Added warning when trying to use only Alt or Alt-Shift as global hot key modifier.
* TrlUtil: added search functionality and toolbar.
* TrlUtil: version is now shown in the window title.

Improvements / Changes:

* Improved database file versioning and changed KDBX file signature in order to prevent older versions from corrupting newer files.
* ShInstUtil now first tries to uninstall a previous native image before creating a new one.
* Improved file corruption error messages (instead of index out of array bounds exception text, ...).
* The 'Open in Browser' command now opens all selected entries instead of just the focused one.
* Data-editing commands in the 'Tools' menu in the entry dialog are now disabled when being in history viewing mode.
* Right arrow key now works correctly in group tree view.
* Entry list is now updated when selecting a group by pressing a A-Z, 0-9 or numpad key.
* Improved entry list performance and sorting behavior.
* Improved splitter distance remembering.
* Improved self-tests (KeePass now correctly terminates when a self-test fails).
* The attachment column in the main window now shows the names of the attached files instead of the attachments count.
* Double-clicking an attachment field in the main window now edits (if possible) or shows the first attachment of the entry.
* Group modification times are now updated after editing groups.
* Improved scrolling of the entry list in item grouping mode.
* Changed history view to show last modification times, titles and user names of history entries.
* KeePass now also automatically prompts to unlock when restoring to a maximized window.
* Improved file system root directory support.
* Improved generic CSV importer preview performance.
* When saving a file, its path is not remembered anymore, if the option for opening the recently used file at startup is disabled.
* Improved auto-type input blocking.
* Instead of a blank text, the entry dialog now shows "(Default)" if the default auto-type sequence is used in a window-sequence association.
* Most broadcasted Windows messages do not wait for hanging applications anymore.
* Improved main window hiding at startup when the options to minimize after opening a database and to tray are enabled.
* Default tray action is now dependent on mouse button.
* New entries can now inherit custom icons from their parent groups.
* Improved maximized state handling when exiting while the main window is minimized.
* Improved state updating in key creation form.
* Improved MRU list updating performance.
* Improved plugin incompatibility error message.
* Deprecated {DOCDIR}, use {DB_DIR} instead ({DOCDIR} is still supported for backward compatibility though).
* Last modification times of TAN entries are now updated.
* F12 cannot be registered as global hot key anymore, because it is reserved for kernel-mode / JIT debuggers.
* Improved auto-type statement conversion routine in KeePass 1.x KDB file importer.
* Improved column width calculation in file/data format dialog.
* Improved synchronization status bar messages.
* TrlUtil: base hash for forms is now computed using the form's client rectangle instead of its window size.
* Various code optimizations.
* Minor other improvements.


* Recycle bin is now cleared correctly when clearing the database.

Homepage: Klick

Direct-Download (Installer): Klick

Direct-Download (Portable): Klick

Sprachdateien: Klick

#11 _d4rkn3ss4ev3r_

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geschrieben 06. September 2010 - 17:09

KeePass 2.13 available!

Changes from 2.12 to 2.13:

New Features:

* Password quality estimation algorithm: added check for about 1500 most common passwords (these are rated down to 1/8th of their statistical rating; Bloom filter-based implementation).
* Global auto-type (using a system-wide hot key) is now possible on Unix-like systems (see the documentation for setup instructions, section 'Installation / Portability' in the 'KeePass 2.x' group; thanks to Jordan Sissel for enhancing 'xdotool').
* Added IPC functionality for Unix-like systems.
* Added possibility to write export plugins that don't require an output file.
* Tag lists are sorted alphabetically now.
* Password text boxes now use a monospace font by default.
* Added option to select a different font for password text boxes (menu 'Tools' -> 'Options' -> tab 'Interface').
* Added support for importing Password Prompter 1.2 DAT files.
* Added ability to export to Windows/IE favorites.
* Added ability to specify IO credentials in the 'Synchronize' trigger action.
* Added ability to specify IO credentials and a master key in the 'Open database file' trigger action.
* If IO credentials are stored, they are now obfuscated.
* Custom colors in the Windows color selection dialog are now remembered.
* Added high resolution version of the KeePass application icon.
* Improved lock overlay icon (higher resolution).
* PLGX loader: added support for unversioned KeePass assembly references.

Improvements / Changes:

* Added workaround to avoid alpha transparency corruption when adding images to an image list.
* Improved image list generation performance.
* Added workaround to display the lock overlay icon when having enabled the option to start minimized and locked.
* Improved group and entries deletion confirmation dialogs (with preview; only Windows Vista and higher).
* The password character picking dialog now offers the raw password characters instead of an auto-type encoded sequence.
* PINs importer: improved importing of expiry dates.
* Some button icons are now resized to 16x15 when the 16x16 icon is too large.
* Renamed character repetition option in the password generator for improved clarity.
* Improved workspace locking.
* Locking timer is now thread-safe.
* Added code to prevent loading libraries from the current working directory (to avoid binary planting attacks).
* Removed Tomboy references (on Unix-like systems).
* Various code optimizations.
* Minor other improvements.


* {NEWPASSWORD} placeholder: special characters in generated passwords are now transformed correctly based on context (auto-type, command line, etc.).


edit: Hash Summen: und OpenPGP Sigs:

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#12 _d4rkn3ss4ev3r_

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geschrieben 03. Januar 2011 - 11:21

KeePass 2.14 available!

New Features:

* Added option to lock after some time of global user inactivity.
* Added option to lock when the remote control status changes.
* Auto-type on Unix-like systems: added special key code support (translation to X KeySyms) and support for {DELAY X} and {DELAY=X}.
* Added window activation support on Unix-like systems.
* Auto-type on Windows: added {VKEY X} special key code (sends virtual key X).
* Added support for importing DataVault 4.7 CSV files.
* Added support for importing Revelation 0.4 XML files.
* Added 'Auto-Type - Without Context' application policy to disable the 'Perform Auto-Type' command (Ctrl+V), but still leave global auto-type available.
* Added option to collapse newly-created recycle bin tree nodes.
* Added 'Size' column in the history list of the entry dialog.
* Added trigger action to remove custom toolbar buttons.
* Added kdbx:// URL scheme overrides (for Windows and Unix-like systems; disabled by default).
* Added KeePass.exe.config file to redirect old assemblies to the latest one, and explicitly declare .NET 4.0 runtime support.
* Added documentation for the '-pw-enc' command line parameter, the {PASSWORD_ENC} placeholder and URL overrides.
* Added workaround for ^/& .NET SendKeys issue.

Improvements / Changes:

* New locking timer (using a timeout instead of a countdown).
* Improved locking when the Windows session is being ended or switched.
* Improved multi-database locking.
* Separated the options for locking when the computer is locked and the computer is about to be suspended.
* {FIREFOX} placeholder: added support for registry-redirected 32-bit Firefox installations on 64-bit Windows systems.
* File transactions: the NTFS/EFS encryption flag is now also preserved when the containing directory isn't encrypted.
* The IPC channel name on Unix-like systems is now dependent on the current user and machine name.
* KeePass now selects the parent group after deleting a group.
* Entries are now marked as modified when mass-changing their colors or icons.
* Key states are now queried on interrupt level.
* A {DELAY=X} global delay now affects all characters of a keystroke sequence when TCATO is enabled, too.
* Improved dialog closing when exiting automatically.
* Plugin-provided entry list columns can now be right-aligned at KeePass startup already.
* Removed KDBX DOM code.
* Installer: the KeePass start menu shortcut is now created directly in the programs folder; the other shortcuts have been removed (use the Control Panel for uninstalling and the 'Help' menu in KeePass to access the help).
* Various code optimizations.
* Minor other improvements.


* Quotes in parameters for the 'Execute command line / URL' trigger action are now escaped correctly.
* Auto-type on Unix-like systems: window filters without wildcards now match correctly.

Download:, Checksummen, OpenPGP Signatur

#13 _d4rkn3ss4ev3r_

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geschrieben 12. Juli 2011 - 17:28

Oh hab ich wohl vergessen 2.15 zu posten :ph34r:

KeePass 2.16

New Features:

When searching for a string containing a whitespace character, KeePass now splits the terms and reports all entries containing all of the terms (e.g. when you search for "Forum KeePass" without the quotes, all entries containing both "Forum" and "KeePass" are reported); the order of the terms is arbitrary; if you want to search for a term containing whitespace, enclose the term in quotes.
When searching for a term starting with a minus ('-'), all entries that do not contain the term are reported (e.g. when you search for "Forum -KeePass" without the quotes, all entries containing "Forum" but not "KeePass" are reported).
Added dialog in the options to specify a web proxy (none, system or manual) and user name and password for it.
Added option to always exit instead of locking the workspace.
Added option to play the UAC sound when switching to a secure desktop (enabled by default).
Added filter box in the field references creation dialog.
Added command to delete duplicate entries (entries are considered to be equal when their strings and attachments are the same, all other data is ignored; if one of two equal entries is in the recycle bin, it is deleted preferably; otherwise the decision is based on the last modification time).
Added command to delete empty groups.
Added command to delete unused custom icons.
For Unix-like systems: new file-based IPC broadcast mechanism (supporting multiple endpoints).
For Unix-like systems: added file-based global mutex mechanism.
Auto-type on Unix-like systems: added support for sending square brackets and apostrophes.
Two-channel auto-type obfuscation is now supported on Unix-like systems, too.
Web access on Unix-like systems: added workarounds for non-implemented cache policy and credentials requirement.
Added context menu command to empty the recycle bin (without deleting the recycle bin group).
On Windows Vista and higher, when trying to delete a group, the confirmation dialog now shows a short summary of the subgroups and entries that will be deleted, too.
In the auto-type target window drop-down combobox, icons are now shown left of the window names.
Added {CLEARFIELD} auto-type command (to clear the contents of single-line edit controls).
Added support for importing Sticky Password 5.0 XML files (formatted memos are imported as RTF file attachments, which you can edit using the internal KeePass editor; e.g. right-click on the entry in the main window and go 'Attachments' -> 'Edit Notes.rtf' or click on the attachment in the entry view at the bottom of the main window; see 'How to store and work with large amounts of formatted text?' in the FAQ).
Added support for importing Kaspersky Password Manager 5.0 XML files (formatted memos are imported the same as by the Sticky Password importer, see above).
Password Depot importer: added support for more fields (new time fields and usage count), time fields can be imported using the stored format specifier, vertical tabulators are removed, improved import of information cards, and auto-type sequences are converted now.
Added ability to export links into the root directory of Windows/IE favorites.
Windows/IE favorites export: added configuration items to specify a prefix and a suffix for exported links/files.
In the entry editing dialog, KeePass now opens an attachment either in the internal editor or in the internal viewer, depending on whether the format is supported by the editor.
When creating a new database, KeePass now automatically creates a second sample entry, which is configured for the test form in the online help center.
Added configuration option to disable the 'Options', 'Plugins' and/or 'Triggers' menu items.
Added workaround for Mono tab bar height bug.
Added workaround for Mono FTP bug.
Added workaround for Mono CryptoStream bug.
Added workaround for a Mono bug related to focusing list view items.
Added shell script to prepare the sources for MonoDevelop.
Translations can now also be loaded from the KeePass application data directory.
TrlUtil: added support for ellipses as alternative to 3 dots.
KPScript: added 'DetachBins' command to save all entry attachments (into the directory of the database) and remove them from the database.

Improvements / Changes:

After performing a quick-find, the search text is now selected.
Improved quick-find deselection performance.
On Unix-like systems, command line parameters prefixed with a '/' are now treated as absolute file paths instead of options.
Improved IPC support on Unix-like systems.
Locked databases can now be dismissed using the close command.
Invalid target windows (like the taskbar, own KeePass windows, etc.) are not shown in the auto-type target window drop-down combobox anymore.
Newly created entries are now selected and focused.
The entry list is now focused when duplicating and selecting all entries.
If KeePass is blocked from showing a dialog on the secure desktop, KeePass now shows the dialog on the normal desktop.
Improved dialog initialization on the secure desktop.
The current status is now shown while exporting Windows/IE favorites.
Windows/IE favorites export: improved naming of containing folder when exporting selected entries only.
Windows/IE favorites export: if a group doesn't contain any exportable entry, no directory is created for this group anymore.
Improved data editor window position/size remembering.
Key modifiers of shortcut key strings are translated now.
Shortcut keys of group and entry commands are now also shown in the main menu.
When no template entries are specified/found, this is now indicated in the 'Add Entry' toolbar drop-down menu.
When deleting a group, its subgroups and entries are now added correctly to the list of deleted objects.
Font handling improvements.
Improved lock timeout updating when a dialog is displayed.
Improved export error handling.
Improved FIPS compliance problems self-test (error message immediately at start), and specified configuration option to prevent .NET from enforcing FIPS policy.
Various code optimizations.
Minor other improvements.


Last modification time is now updated when restoring an older version of an entry.
When duplicating an entry, the UUIDs of history items are now changed, too.

Download: | Hash Sums | OpenPGP Sigs
Deutsche Sprachdatei

#14 _d4rkn3ss4ev3r_

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geschrieben 19. Oktober 2011 - 19:25

KeePass 2.17

New Features:

  • Multiple auto-type sequences can now be defined for a window in one entry.
  • The auto-type entry selection dialog now displays the sequence that will be typed.
  • The auto-type entry selection dialog is now resizable; KeePass remembers the dialog's position, size and the list view column widths.
  • Added auto-type option 'An entry matches if its URL is contained in the target window title'.
  • Added two options to show dereferenced data in the main entry list (synchronously or asynchronously).
  • Dereferenced data fields are now shown in the entry view of the main window and the auto-type entry selection dialog (additionally to the references).
  • Field references in the entry view are now clickable; when clicking one, KeePass jumps to the data source entry.
  • Added option in the 'Find' dialog to search in dereferenced data fields.
  • Added option to search in dereferenced data fields when performing a quick search (toolbar in main window).
  • The 'Find' dialog now shows a status dialog while searching for entries.
  • The main window now shows a status bar and the UI is disabled while performing a quick search.
  • Added context menu commands to open the URL of an entry in a specific browser.
  • Added {SAFARI} browser path placeholder.
  • Added {C:...} comment placeholder.
  • Added entry duplication options dialog (appending "- Copy" to entry titles, and/or replacing user names and passwords by field references to the original entries).
  • Added option to focus the quick search box when restoring from taskbar (disabled by default).
  • Added tray context menu command to show the options dialog.
  • Source fields are now compiled before using them in a {PICKCHARS} dialog.
  • Added 'Copy Link' rich text box context menu command.
  • Before printing, the data/format dialog now shows a print dialog, in which the printer can be selected.
  • Added application policy to ask for the current master key before printing.
  • Added support for importing Passphrase Keeper 2.50 HTML files (in addition to the already supported 2.70 format).
  • KeePass now removes zone identifiers from itself, ShInstUtil and the CHM help file.
  • Listing currently opened windows works under Unix-like systems now, too.
  • Alternating item background colors are now also supported in list views with item groups.
  • IOConnection now supports reading from data URIs (RFC 2397).
  • Group headers are now skipped when navigating in single selection list views using the arrow keys.
  • Added detection support for the following web browsers on Unix-like systems: Firefox, Opera, Chromium, Epiphany, Arora, Galeon and Konqueror.
  • Added documentation of the synchronization feature.
  • Key provider plugins can now declare that they're compatible with the secure desktop mode, and a new property in the query context specifies whether the user currently is on the secure desktop.
  • Added workaround for a list view sorting bug under Windows XP.
  • Added workaround for a .NET bug where a cached window state gets out of sync with the real window state.
  • Added workaround for a Mono WebRequest bug affecting WebDAV support.

Improvements / Changes:

  • Items in the auto-type entry selection dialog can now be selected using a single click.
  • When performing global auto-type, the Spr engine now uses the entry container database instead of the current database as data source.
  • The generated passwords list in the password generator dialog now uses the password font (monospace by default).
  • The last modification time of an entry is now updated when a new password is generated using the {NEWPASSWORD} placeholder.
  • The overlay icon for the taskbar button (on Windows 7) is now restored when Windows Explorer crashes and when starting in minimized and locked mode.
  • Improved opening of CHM help file.
  • The buttons in file save dialogs now have accelerator keys.
  • Separated URL scheme overrides into built-in and custom ones.
  • Improved tray command state updating.
  • The default tray command is now rendered using a bold font.
  • The main window is now disabled while searching and removing duplicate entries.
  • Improved banner handling/updating in resizable dialogs.
  • The 'Ctrl+U' shortcut hint is now moved either to the open or to the copy command, depending on whether the option 'Copy URLs to clipboard instead of opening them' is enabled or not.
  • Improved command availability updating of rich text context menus.
  • Quick searches are now invoked asynchronously.
  • Improved quick search performance.
  • The option to minimize the main window after locking the KeePass workspace is now enabled by default.
  • When performing auto-type, newline characters are now converted to Enter keypresses.
  • Auto-type on Unix-like systems: improved sending of backslash characters.
  • On Unix-like systems, the default delay between auto-typed keystrokes is now 3 ms.
  • Spr engine performance improvements.
  • Changing the in-memory protection state of a custom entry string is now treated as a database change.
  • Some options in the options dialog are now linked (e.g. the option 'Automatically search key files also on removable media' can only be enabled when 'Automatically search key files' is enabled).
  • Most items with default values aren't written to the configuration file anymore (resulting in a smaller file and making it possible to change defaults in future versions).
  • Path separators in the configuration file are now updated for the current operating system.
  • Improved 'xdotool' version detection.
  • Improved IO response handling when deleting/renaming files.
  • Various UI text improvements.
  • Various code optimizations.
  • Minor other improvements.


  • Status bar text is now correctly updated to 'Ready' after an unsuccessful/cancelled database opening attempt.
  • Password generation based on patterns: escaped curly brackets are now parsed correctly.

Download: | Hash Sums | OpenPGP Sigs | Deutsche Sprachdatei

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geschrieben 05. Januar 2012 - 18:01

KeePass 2.18

New Features:

The update check now also checks for plugin updates (if plugin developers provide version information files).
When starting KeePass 2.18 for the first time, it asks whether to enable the automatic update check or not (if not enabled already).
When closing the entry editing dialog by closing the window (using [X], Esc, ...) and there are unsaved changes, KeePass now asks whether to save or discard the changes; only when explicitly clicking the 'Cancel' button, KeePass doesn't prompt.
When not hiding passwords using asterisks, they don't need to be repeated anymore.
Password repetition boxes now provide instant visual feedback whether the password has been repeated correctly (if incorrect, the background color is changed to light red).
When clicking an '***' button to change the visibility of the entered password, KeePass now automatically transfers the input focus into the password box.
Visibility of columns in the auto-type entry selection dialog can now be customized using the new 'Options' button.
Added auto-type option 'An entry matches if the host component of its URL is contained in the target window title'.
Added shortcut keys: Ctrl+Shift+O for 'Open URL', Ctrl+Shift+U for copying URLs to the clipboard, Ctrl+I for 'Add Entry', Ctrl+R for synchronizing with a file, Ctrl+Shift+R for synchronizing with a URL.
Ensuring same keyboard layouts during auto-type is now optional (option enabled by default).
Plain text KDB4 XML exports now store the memory protection flag of strings in an attribute 'ProtectInMemory'.
Added option to use database lock files (intended for storage providers that don't lock files while writing to them, like e.g. some FTP servers); the option is turned off by default (and especially for local files and files on a network share it's recommended to leave it turned off).
Added UIFlags bit for disabling the controls to specify after how many days the master key should/must be changed.
Added support for in-memory protecting strings that are longer than 65536 characters.
Added workaround for '@' .NET SendKeys issue.

Improvements / Changes:

.NET 4.0 is now preferred, if installed.
PLGX plugins are now preferably compiled using the .NET 4.0 compiler, if KeePass is currently running under the 4.0 CLR.
Automatic update checks are now performed at maximum once per day (you can still check manually as often as you wish).
Auto-Type: entry titles and URLs are now Spr-compiled before being compared with the target window title.
Decoupled the options 'Show expired entries' and 'Show entries that will expire soon'.
Specifying the data hiding setting (using asterisks) in the column configuration dialog is now done using a checkbox.
The entry view now preferably uses the hiding settings (asterisks) of the entry list columns.
Improved entry expiry date calculation.
Enhanced Password Agent importer to support version 2.6.2.
Enhanced SplashID importer to import last modification dates.
Improved locating of system executables.
Password generator profiles are now sorted by name.
Separated built-in and user-defined password generator profiles (built-in profiles aren't stored in the configuration file anymore).
Improved naming of shortcut keys, and shortcut keys are now displayed in tooltips.
Internal window manager can now close windows opened in other threads.
Improved entry touching when closing the entry editing dialog by closing the window (using [X], Esc, ...).
Improved behavior when entering an invalid URL in the 'Open URL' dialog.
Improved workaround for Mono tab bar height bug.
ShInstUtil: improved Native Image Generator version detection.
Unified in-memory protection.
In-memory protection performance improvements.
Developers: in-memory protected objects are now immutable and thread-safe.
Various UI text improvements.
Various code optimizations.
Minor other improvements.


The cached/temporary custom icons image list is now updated correctly after running the 'Delete unused custom icons' command.

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