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Omega 2.6.71 (catalyst 5.9) Released

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geschrieben 24. September 2005 - 10:53

What's New in Omega Drivers?

* Based on the Catalyst 5.9 Official drivers.

+ Added support for a few new Mobility cards.

* Fixed various resolution problems, now wide screen resolutions for laptops should work.

* Reconstructed Mobility support (M10 and up), laptops that had problems before should work properly now.

* Fixed OGL support for FireGL cards (both Mobility and Desktop).

+ Added some install/uninstall options, now the drivers should install with less issues and they uninstall all registry traces.

+ Added the option to install ATT or not during setup.

Known Issues:
The settings for both D3D & OGL will not be synchronized between ATT and the normal ATI CP, you must only use one of them to make changes, the best option is to use ATT since the ATI CP does not support changes to AI and in order to use the advanced D3D/OGL features. Changes made in ATT will work on games and such but the changes will not be reflected in the normal ATI CP since ATI stores the registry values that the CP reads separate from the actual values in the registry.

Note: Since these drivers include a non-standard version of ATT, I would recommend that if you have any previous version of ATT installed, please uninstall it before installing these drivers, not doing so may cause unknown problems.


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  geschrieben 24. September 2005 - 11:21

Dankeschön <_<
Das ging ja (für "Omega-verhältnisse") schnell!
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