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geschrieben 18. Juni 2005 - 09:55

lange haben wir drauf gewartet nun ist es da. hat nun sein sourceplugin veröffentlicht. sie ist in der free open beta phase. diese gilt vorerst aber nur für windows. später wenn windows fertig ist kommt linux dran


Steambans is ready to start an open BETA on our new source plugin, the first to be released is the WINDOWS version, and later the LINUX version will follow.

Its been underway a long time, and frankly the only thing that has stopped us until now was all the issues with mirrors. If they hadnt been as big as they have, we could have had a plugin 3 months ago. But its here now.

We are releasing it in a VERY early OPEN BETA version which means we really would like you to try it out and relay any bugs or problems to us into the SBSRV forum on SB. It also means that you cannot expect this to be 100% operational as there can be configurations on your server that was not present under our own tests, and we then needs to find solution and then release another version etc.

We hope that you enjoy this as much as we do, because... we are LOVING it.

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