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Nvu 0.8 - Freeware Wysiwyg-html-editor

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geschrieben 02. Februar 2005 - 11:07

Eine neue Version des Webeditors Nvu ist erschinen.


Change Log

    * exprimental XHTML 1.0 support (see checkbox in File > New dialog)

      WARNING: to be able to edit an XHTML file, its MIME type must be application/xhtml+xml. It is then highly recommended to use locally the extension *.xhtml and check that your remote server serves XHTML files with the correct MIME type. Ask your ISP if you don't understand the above.
    * line numbering in source view
    * support for <?php ... ?>

      WARNING: <? ... ?> form is deprecated by the PHP Group and is NOT supported
      <% ... %> form for asp/jsp is NOT supported
    * support for comments <!-- ... -->
    * double-click on a PHP/Comment in Normal view to edit it; use Insert menu to create one
    * small icons in main toolbar (Customize toolbar, checkbox is in panel)
    * all strings now localizable
    * when a document is published and if the relevant directory is shown in the site manager, its entry/icon is added if it's not already there
    * 2 security bugs
    * site manager was not able to work correctly if the remote server allows to climb above home directory
    * Horizontal Line properties were not working, Image Dialog was partially horked
    * source view was deleting some white spaces
    * rulers could not resize tables with cellspacing="0"
    * on slow machines, the Site Manager remained blank on first launch because the pinger dialog is modal
    * a lot of minor bugs including key accelarator for copy/paste on Mac OS X

Known Issues

    * You have to quit twice on Mac OS X, we are working on it

Im Moment ist das Programm nur auf Englisch verfügbar.

Dieser Beitrag wurde von theoutsider bearbeitet: 02. Februar 2005 - 11:07

Wenn die Welt untergeht heisst das noch lange nicht, dass das die Schweiz auch betrifft. Eingefügtes Bild


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