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Xvid 1.0.3

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geschrieben 25. Dezember 2004 - 16:23

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This is XviD 1.0.3 bugfix release.

This release fixes very minor bugs. It is source and binary compatible with the previous version.

As a sidenote, the 1.1 is maturing fast these last weeks and it's quite possible Santa Claus could bring you an official beta release of this new tree before the end of this year.

The 1.1 tree brings a fair number of optimizations in the decoder, better quality and more speed for the encoder, a brand new PowerPC port, a Linux AMD64 port...

Changes since 1.0.2:

    * xvidcore
          o Fixed trellis optimization overflow for quant <= 2.
          o Don't read too short streams. This prevents from reading useless stream garbage.
          o Fixed 64 bit crashes because of addressing assuming 32bit integers. (Andre Werthman)
          o Fixed 2 diamond search bugs (one was causing searches in wrong directions, the other one was causing an early exit)
    * VFW frontend
          o Better stride calculation
    * DShow frontend
          o Better stride calculation



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