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WPTavern: die Taverne sucht noch neue Autoren - ...

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geschrieben 05. Dezember 2023 - 18:30

WPTavern eine sehr zentrale Nachrichtenseite in der WordPress-Welt. Dort werden immer sehr spannende Artikel veröffentlicht. Nun verlässt Sarah Golding - nach fast zehn Jahren Mirtarbeit die Plattform.

Es werden nun auf WPTavern werden derzeit neue Autoren gesucht - die Suche - sie dauert noch an.

Der Artikel:

Sehr euch die Diskussion - und die Beiträge (in den Kommentaren) an.


And please send in the application by November 24th! We’ll take this week off but hopefully come back blazing after Thanksgiving. I’ll review everything over the weekend when I have some time off planned.

We’ll try out a number of folks on an hourly contract ($25/hr, same as Automattic) as a trial, and if that goes well we’ll aim to hire two full-time writers by the end of the year. A full-time offer also includes generous benefits including full coverage on health care and 6% 401k matching. You’ll be an employee of Audrey.

The job is to write frequently about the goings-on in the WordPress world and foster a healthy discussion and community here on the site. If you’re doing your job well, it should be reflected in traffic and comments on the site. You will set the tone and discussion in the WordPress community, and drive the narrative. Every post will be syndicated to every wp-admin in the world. You don’t have to start out a WordPress expert, but you’ll become one. You’ll have a ton of autonomy, so need to be self-driven and able to manage yourself. (You can ask previous writers how much I was in their hair. 😀)

Midjourney prompt: a stunning landscape scene with a tranquil atmosphere. The foreground showcases a calm, crystal-clear lake reflecting the serene blue sky above. On the horizon, a majestic mountain range rises, covered in lush, green vegetation. The central focus of the image is the sun, just starting to rise above the peaks, casting a warm, golden glow across the entire scene. Its rays create a mesmerizing play of light on the water’s surface, symbolizing hope, new beginnings, and the promise of a brighter future.

Der Artikel:

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